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Once upon a time, there was a _________ and a ________ .


They lived near a ________ .


They were both afraid of __________


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Kids Superhero Stories

What Stories Will They Write?

Long ago, when people were more energetic and didn’t have screens to stare at all day, there was a village. People in this village were active and cheerful. There lived two terrific, talented, thrill loving twins, Jumper and Jumpy. They were always jumping around everywhere. 

One day Jumper and Jumpy were playing in their front yard when Jumpy abruptly said that she could jump higher than Jumper. Jumper countered by saying he could easily jump much higher than her...

- A snippet of a story from a fourth-grade child

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register my child to join the session?

To register your child for any upcoming sessions, please visit this registration page. There you can look through all the upcoming classes. Click on "Join The Classes" button and follow the instructions.

Can I register by using my child's email address?

Please do not share children's email addresses either during registration or for any of the activities during the sessions. Only parents' or legal guardians' email address should be used for all correspondences.

How does the program work?

Step 1: Register for one of the upcoming classes After registration, you will receive an email with Google classroom and Zoom meeting information from us. Please do not share these links with others. Step 2: Join parents' orientation session We will conduct a parent orientation session, where we will share with you the program outline. We would look forward to answering all your questions there or through email at: Step 3: Getting ready to join the session There will be assigned reading for the children, to work on, before they join the session. All the assigned work will be in your Google classrooms. We ask you to please make sure that your child complete their readings and assignments before the session. Step 4: First session and building the working teams There is an offline component to this program, where children need to work with others on their assignments. In the first session, we'll build small teams for children to work together. You are welcome to form your team if you have 3 or 4 similar age children. Our goal is to make this program fun and enjoyable for all the participants. Step 5: Subsequent sessions The subsequent sessions will be similar in set up. We will be looking forward to working with your children. Step 6: Celebrations All the children who make it through the end of the program will receive a certificate of participation and a surprise gift from us.

Will there be quizzes and tests?

There will be no quizzes and tests. But there will be preassigned reading and subsequent submissions. Children will likely require a few hours every week to complete their assignments.

What's the expected class size?

The expected class size is between 10-12 kids.

Do you encourage parents to be with the children during the sessions?

Parent participation during ongoing sessions isn't mandatory, but we highly encourage parents to join the sessions as observers and help their children where they need help.

What's the code of conduct policy?

It's quite simple. We expect children to respect their teachers and be courteous to others. Kids who are disruptive or otherwise engage in inappropriate behavior will be removed from a session or they may be removed from the entire program.

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