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Immersive and Fun Workshops For Kids

Classes to help unleash their  potential

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Take a look at our upcoming classes. Sign your child up and join our parent orientation. 

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Children show up ready to learn. We have designed engaging workshops to keep their creative juices flowing while having fun. 

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Kids work together and submit their work. Soon it'll be time to recognize their work and celebrate. 


Kids Superhero Stories

What Stories Will They Write?

Long ago, when people were more energetic and didn’t have screens to stare at all day, there was a village. People in this village were active and cheerful. There lived two terrific, talented, thrill loving twins, Jumper and Jumpy. They were always jumping around everywhere. 

One day Jumper and Jumpy were playing in their front yard when Jumpy abruptly said that she could jump higher than Jumper. Jumper countered by saying he could easily jump much higher than her...

- A snippet of a story from a fourth-grade child

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